Goal-driven clients desiring a higher level of financial freedom.

Business Owners & Professionals

We serve successful individuals, professionals and business owners who have a diverse set of needs, including individuals who desire higher quality, long-term personal investment strategies and families seeking wealth transfer, estate or philanthropic planning.

Money is personal. We focus on risk management as the disciplined approach to ensure you retain your financial freedom, no matter what happens. Streamlining complex financial situations takes an experienced wealth advisor who works with people like you and understands the challenges you face. Our approach to wealth management allows us to continually review your unique situation to identify areas of concern and opportunity.

Wealth Transition Planning

You’ve spent your journey capitalizing on advanced planning advice resulting in greater worth.  While that’s important, it’s equally important to focus on preserving your assets and making plans to eventually give them to your family and/or charitable legacies.

Wealth-transfer strategies allow you the opportunity to potentially increase the amount of wealth you move by considering all the possibilities – and tax implications. Regardless of your situation, we make sure you’ll have a plan in place to transfer your wealth to whomever you want, the way you want, when you want.

Consider This

  • You may not use all your net worth during your lifetime.
  • Does it make sense to pay income tax on the growth each year?

Trusted Advisors

CCG has a strong reputation as a strategic partner to financial, legal and business professionals who have earned credibility and trust with their clients.  Our goal is to deliver custom solutions through a collaborative process that not only complement strategies with their clients, but also enhance the value of those relationships.  We work with our partners to develop strong, transparent relationships, based on mutual commitment to driving the business together.