Life long lessons learned.

As a young boy learning to sail was, without a doubt, the one thing that most strongly helped to shape my sense of self. It tested me and taught me lessons which I have carried forward my entire life. It is my goal to pass along this knowledge to children who may not otherwise get a chance to experience the thrill of learning to sail and gain skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. That’s why CCG has teamed with the Boys & Girls Club of Winnipeg to create this exciting and enriching program for kids.

~ Mike Couture

Learning to sail helps kids to:

Learn through discovery.

Sailing teaches life skills through self-discovery. This is a very effective way to learn, allowing a child to develop a deeper understanding of the subject as well as a thirst for greater learning.

Become decision makers.

Sailing helps kids to get comfortable with making real time decisions when faced with the changing courses of other boats and wind shifts.

Gain self confidence.

There is simply nothing like being able to pilot your own sailboat at a very young age. Riding a bike is one thing, skillfully steering and docking a sailboat is quite another.

Become adventurous.

Sailing creates a sense of adventure which combines curiosity and boldness! Kids become comfortable facing new challenges while having fun.

Become risk takers.

Young sailors learning to race learn to become comfortable with taking risks. Tipping a boat on purpose allows them to capsize and learn how to recover. They can take risks and push their limits safety, under supervison and in calm circumstances.

Take responsibility.

Taking command of even a small boat is a lot of responsibility especially for a very young sailor. Learning to sail involves the need to learn about safety protocols, safe practices, using safety gear and behaving in a responsible manner.

Have courage.

To step away from the land onto the water powered only by the wind takes courage. Children learning to race become brave enough to make a boat sail as fast as it can and to take risks in order to be victorious.

Be flexibile.

A sailor cannot be rigid in following a plan because the sea and weather are always changing. So children must learn a level of flexibility to be successful sailors.