At Couture Capital Group, we understand the value of human capital: your intangible — but very real — ability to earn income for the duration of your working life. We estimate this human capital to be worth 4 to 10 times the value of whatever you consider to be your largest asset — even your home.

If you’re 45, have an annual income of $250,000, and work until you’re 65, your human capital value is over $5 million.

We help to transition your ability to generate income into investment capital by using our distinct Bucket Theory™.

What’s in your buckets?

The Bucket Theory™ is the cornerstone of our approach to wealth accumulation. We believe that you should accumulate your wealth in three or four, distinct and non-correlated “buckets:”

1 Traditional investments

Includes stocks, bonds, annuities, GICs, managed money, segregated funds, ETFs, etc.

2 Real estate

Includes residential, commercial, personal or corporate-owned rental property, retirement rental income, and property sale at or during retirement.

3 Business equity

As a business owner, you know the value of your business better than any other investment: it’s here where your greatest potential for investment return lies.

4 Participating life insurance

Some life-insurance policies are “participating,” which means they have potential for earning dividends and accumulating tax-sheltered savings (policies include guaranteed values plus dividends). Dividends can vary relative to investment returns, mortality, expenses, and taxes. It’s like a cooperative — you get to share in the profits. Total accumulation year over year can only go up. Values guaranteed plus dividends within your contract cannot go down, unlike the traditional investment buckets.